About the project: is’s blog devoted to the Mets. It is one of the most popular team-sports blogs, with roughly 35,000 daily readers, totaling around 3.5 million page views every month. As one of these daily readers myself, I cannot help but notice how the site can be much better with an improved site architecture. On such a content-rich site, there are so many valuable articles buried away. The current infinite scrolling on the homepage is flawed, in that when hitting the back button from a blog post, the user returns to the top of the homepage instead of at the location where the user clicked to the post. My idea is to not just provide a fresh coat of paint on the site. My goal is to give the user a more engaging fan site. I want to place the emphasis on the social aspect of the blog, while also makiing  the recent and popular posts easily accessible. As for the visual design, I did away with the current drab gray and scaled back the team colors of blue and orange, while using a white background with dark text for accessibility. I also introduced the use of larger photos, especially in the lead story, to complement the articles. The lead story should be treated as such, and so given top billing on the homepage. As this is a work in progress, the first stage is the desktop version of the site. The next stages will be the tablet and phone versions.

My role: Wireframes, annotations, sitemaps,prototyping and visual design. Redesigned Homepage Concept