T&E Management App


About the project: This is a concept mobile-first T&E management tool. The idea was borne out of my experience from working in the corporate travel industry. Business travel is a multi-million dollar industry.Whether it’s losing receipts, filing reports, reconciliations, or following policies, pain points are abound for travelers and companies’ travel managers alike. This product is an attempt to lessen the frustrations for both sides of the business travel equation. The secret sauce to the product is the ability to create expense reports offline. The reports will upload to the cloud service when there is cellular service.

My role: I conducted interviews with seasoned road warriors and procurement managers to fully understand their needs, behaviors, and what they considered shortfalls from the current products on the market. With this insight, I mapped out user flows, wireframes, and tested out the prototypes.


I interviewed 10 people who are the target users–travelers and manager/approvers. From the insight, I created three personas that best represented the core users.

Snapshot of the wireframes

From the onboarding process to snapping photos of receipts, managing card charges, to creating the expense report, this is a task-oriented product with complex transactions.

Site Map

The initial idea was to create a feature-rich product that solves every possible need for the business traveler with plenty of user tasks. I learned pretty quickly, that there were an extensive list of nice-to-have features that can be held off until the next iteration.