E-commerce site for the global beauty brand

Jill Stuart Beauty

About the project: KOSÉ, the parent company of Jill Stuart Beauty, wanted to launch a fully dedicated English language e-commerce website to target the North American consumers. Previously, the website was translated from the Japanese site. My team was responsible for the entire customer experience that extended beyond the screen. Along with that core experience, we had to also solve for the behind the scenes interactions, such as legal compliance, fulfillments, customer sign ups, social media, post-MVP features, emails, and analytics.

My role: I wore multiple hats for this engagement, focusing mainly on creating the shopping experience and strategy. I also got to reach back and put on my Creative Director hat to develop the site's visual design and interactions as part of the overall product strategy. Working alongside a developer, usability expert, and a UX Designer, we launched this MVP in three months.

Before starting any design work, we built a solid foundation through user research, competitive analysis, marketing trends, and learned as much as we can about the beauty shopper. This foundational learning informed our design decisions.

All in all, this MVP was quite successful given the ambitious deadline, and limitations we encountered with the Shopify platform.

JIll Stuart Beauty e-commerce site
Fully responsive
Cassie, the main persona
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