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Guardian Anytime

About the project: Guardian Life wanted to envision the future state of their legacy platform for their flagship group insurance product. Their digital ecosystem included broker sales engine, employer/HR admin dashboard, and customer application. The client provided in-depth user research, competitive analysis, brand strategy and awareness, and technology stack. Additionally, I researched the state of digital insurance and the industry as a whole to learn about the regulations and processes so that this green-field project is realistic and viable.

My role: Working closely with my Creative Director, we decided to integrate the multiple, fractured ecosystem into “One Guardian.” As the users on each side of the platform required different functions to complete tasks, our experience designs focused on the relationship between the brokers and employer admins, the admin with the employees, and with the customer and Guardian. We quickly realized that Guardian Anytime and similar products in the industry are solely utilitarian. I did a quick field study to verify this hypothesis. We then took on the challenge to make Guardian Anytime part of the user, especially the customer’s life.

Targeted Users

Discovery Process: With the assistance of an insurance SME, we identified the key users of such a platform. We also did the additional research on how their competition are using emerging platform; only one (at the time) had smart home and wearables integration.

Guardian Anytime Beyond the Screen

Proposed Future State: For the Broker-Employer Admin, we imagined a CRM-style dashboard in which the broker can generate plans and proposals based on the employer’s criteria. Plans live securely and delivered via cloud technology to clients. Admins log on to the GA to approve, revise, request new information digitally. Additionally, to solve the major pain point of onboarding new employees in, HR Admins complete the tasks inside GA without having to go through the process of filling out and uploading Excel documents.

For the Customer, we imagined a future state in which our persona Brian can locate a provider and check and submit claims on-the-go using a smartphone’s built-in features such as the microphone, GPS, and camera. Along with that, we imagined a light-weight content strategy in which Guardian provides health tips, reminders to floss, book check ups, and activities through wearables.

Guardian Anytime ecosystem

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