Enterprise L&D for Tier 1 Bank

Online Learning Platform

About the project: A global tier 1 investment bank wanted to transform their Learning & Development offerings into a unified digital platform that enabled its global workforce to be able to complete training courses. Their previous solution was fractured, to say the least. Investment bankers had some of their courses on paper. Financial Advisors were often confused as to where to find the offerings. Mandatory regulation courses existed on another platform that ran on outdated infrastructure. Past due regulation training could pose major risks for the firm. For confidentiality reasons I’ve stripped the name of the client and its branding.

My role: I was the UX Director working alongside a Creative Director to gather requirements, brainstorm solutions, and sketch design concepts with the client’s main stakeholder, instructional designers, and technology teams. The biggest challenge was to make this platform engaging for the firm’s employees who more often than not, found the lessons to be dull and considered mandatory compliance training as distractions. Along with creating the UI and crafting the experience, I was also heavily involved in the content strategy.

Key requirements

Discovery Process: Our design workshops with the client helped guide the design of the experience and influenced the initial roadmap and strategy.


Defining the Interface: We analyzed existing online courses from universities, training schools, and web-based course catalogs, but wanted an interface that was familiar and more inspiring. As such, we took cues from Netflix and added a touch of editorial design.


The Results: For this MVP launch, we focused on training for Financial Advisors. At the end of each course, we solicited feedback from the users. While mandatory courses were still seen as burdensome, the users were generally pleased with the new platform and the content. As the platform continues to grow to include the firm’s various lines of businesses, the viability of a mobile option will be considered for the bank’s road warriors.

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